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Q.How much will it cost my charity or organisation?


A. It costs absolutely nothing and there are no hidden costs.


Q. How does the charity or organisation make money?


A. The game shows advertisments that produce revenue.


Q. Do the players have to click the adverts?


A. No, the adverts do not need the player to click to raise funds for you they just need to be watched.


Q. Will they work on a phone, tablet PC or Mac?


A. The games are designed to work on ALL devices so everyone can enjoy and support your charity or organisation.


Q. How much can a game raise?


A. A simple example would be as follows:

1 supporter plays for 10 mins and sees 5 adverts

Each adverts creates 20p per view

5x20 adverts £1 per 10 mins per person that supports by playing.

100 Supporters playing for 10 mins would equal £100.


Q. Are there any payout limits or threashholds?


A, No, we pay you via bank transfer every 60 days either on the 7th 14th 21st or 28th.

What ever has been raised during that period will be electronically transfered to you.


If you have any further questions feel free to send them to us using our contact form.

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